Terms and Conditions

It is extremely important that any owners wishing to use Murfield Meadow read and understand the terms and conditions prior to use.   By using Murfield Meadow owners agree to the following terms and conditions of use.  

Failure to comply with terms and conditions may result in cancellation/refusal of any future bookings.

If you have any issues, we can be contacted on 07764801681 / 07971011427.

1. We (the owners of Murfield Meadow) maintain control and possession over the field at all times. 
2. Murfield Meadow will be hired out by dog owners for the sole purpose of exercising dogs only. 
3. Large groups of people will not be permitted at Murfield Meadow.
4. Dog owners hire and use Murfield Meadow entirely at their own risk.
5. We do not accept liability for any injury, illness or accidents to any dogs/people that occurs at Murfield Meadow or as a result of using Murfield Meadow.
6. We do not accept liability for damage to any property.
7. We do not accept liability for losses, claims, actions, damages, costs or expenses incurred by dog owners as a result of hiring the field. 
8. During and after periods of heavy rain, Murfield Meadow can become waterlogged in places and muddy. Please wear appropriate clothing and footwear when attending and we would also recommend bringing extra towels to clean your dogs.
9. Please respect all other customers and dogs using Murfield Meadow.  Abusive behaviour in anyway will not be tolerated at all and you will be banned from attending in the future. 
1. Please respect our neighbours at all times and do not in any circumstances block/park/reverse across their entrance/driveway.
2. Vehicles are not permitted to park on the initial entrance to the field. 
3. Please park vehicles either inside Murfield Meadow on the matting area or in the car park on the matting area.
4. Two vehicles are permitted on Murfield Meadow at any one time. 
5. Please do not allow dogs off lead in the car park area.  
6. Please arrive promptly for your allotted time slot, however do not arrive early.  Do not enter Murfield Meadow at all until your allocated time.  This includes waiting in the car park area just outside the dog run.  This is due to Murfield Meadow being used by reactive, anxious and noise sensitive dogs.
7. Please ensure your dogs are in your vehicle by the end of your allocated time slot. If you know you will find it difficult to catch your dog, please ensure you leave plenty of time. Your timed slot includes getting your dogs in and out of your vehicle. 
8. If you are running late for your timed slot, unfortunately, it will still end at the allotted time.  
9. All owners and dogs must have departed Murfield Meadow by the end of your allotted time slot.  
10. Please ensure all gates are locked on your departure. 

1. The owner is responsible for their own dog/s at all time when at Murfield Meadow.
2. Six dogs will be permitted in Murfield Meadow at any one time. 
3. Water will not be provided, please ensure your bring a sufficient amount of water for your dogs. 
4. Please ensure you pick up and take home any of your own dogs toilets. We understand that sometimes it can be difficult to locate your dogs poo in a large area. So we would kindly ask that if you can't find and come across another one, that you pick this up instead. This helps to keep a very clean field.
5. Loud music is not permitted at Murfield Meadow.
6. We would be grateful if you could please refill any holes your dogs have created. 
7. CCTV is in operation 24/7.
8. You will receive a confirmation text message for your booking the day before. If you do not receive a text message you are not booked in.  If you think you are booked in, please contact us. 
9. If you have any issues at the Murfield Meadow, we can be contacted on 07764801681 / 07971011427.

1. Payment is required in full at the time of booking and is non-refundable unless cancellation is made 48 hours before your date and time of your session. 
2. Any bookings paid for through Paypal and cancelled with morethan 48 hours notice will be refunded less the Paypal booking fee.

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